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about us

Business Development Experts


BD Experts is a company established and created by exceptional people who have always pursued their goals in a determined fashion.


Our Experts are responsible for building up distribution channels in Europe, establishing strategic business relationships, and providing ideas for all strategic sales plans and their implementation. We are also responsible for pricing strategy, developing permanent ongoing business and delivery of after sales services.


Our business model is individually tailored to our partners needs to ensure our services are effective. We provide comprehensive Brand Development services to companies and support them within the required scope (selective services). 


Our Experts are willing to undertake ambitious projects and be your hands, face, eyes, ears on the CEE / UK&IE market to develop your business. 


We have over 20 years of experience which has been gained in working for distributors and vendors.


We cooperate with Distributors, Retailers, Etailers, Resellers, Telecoms, B2B.  Brands managed by us are available on the shelves of major consumer electronics’ customers, such as: Media Mart, Saturn, Euronet, Media Expert, Neonet, ALZA, MOBIL POHOTOVOST, MALL, NAY, Andrea-Shop, Euronics, Topo Centras, RD Electronics, Komputronik, Auchan, Carrefour.

Why us?

Unique know-how

backed up by the facts: over 20

years of practice, 11 new

brands launched on the Central

Eastern Europe market.

Impressive experience

in developing and executing

branding, marketing,

communication and PR 

campaigns that have generated

tangible results.


consumer electronics, IT, 

smart home, smart health,

business solutions.

Business competence:

full responsibility for the business, 

from start to finish. We choose the best

sales channels for developing your brand,

deliver business partners according to your needs, build your brand awareness.

Focus on results

'because we benefit

from the sales

Creative and open minded

in seeking new ideas, new opportunities, 

in driving many simultaneous initiatives 

towards closure in multiple channels using

cross-functional resources, within tight 

time lines and with methods for measuring

the success of the initiatives.


What can we do for you?


  1. Drive/Manage/Ensure and Develop the sales and profitability of your business; achieve short term and long term targets; direct sales to wholesale and retail partners and through the distributor’s sales team.
  2. Achieve profit and sales targets by managing a constant sales project pipeline - from preparation and negotiation to contract closure.
  3. Draw on our years of experience in providing a wide range of services in Central and Eastern European markets and put forward a strategy for tapping into the potential of new, under-exploited territories.
  4. Consistently identify new customer needs and develop a professional sales strategy bearing in mind local requirements and regulations.
  5. Create product segmentation strategies wherever needed to maximise trade opportunities across different sales channels.
  6. Monitor and analyse the market and the competition and identify new market potential and follow-up business opportunities. 
  7. Take care of sell-in & sell-out.
  8. Identify new business opportunities and propose and drive action plans.
  9. Prepare and oversee price negotiations. 
  10. Hold presentations, trainings courses, seminars and development programmes for distributors’ and customers’ sales teams and take part in trade fairs. 
  11. Develop, execute and coordinate breakthrough channel development programmes for distributors, customers, end-users and online promotions and campaigns that support channel strategy and drive revenue growth. Set up local partnerships to promote our brand and the products.
  12. PR & social media management.
  13. Comprehensive adaptation of the product for sale.
  14. Build loyal customers through positive associations and images and a strong awareness of the brand.

our credentials

We can proudly boast about the complete range of services we currently provide for:





BLAUPUNKT – the ageless brand with a great tradition.


It all started with the blue dot.  A company named “Ideal” was first founded in Berlin when radio was still in its infancy. Every unit was carefully tested by technicians and labeled with a seal for quality – the blue dot. It did not take long before customers simply asked for the “bluepoint” (which means in German BLAUPUNKT) products. The blue dot quickly became a symbol of outstanding quality.


Blaupunkt Competence Center Security - Security Brand Pro GmbH.


  • Trust and credibility derived from the strong heritage of a premium quality German consumer electronic brand.
  • Quick global Expansion: Since its establishment in 2014, Blaupunkt Home Security has already entered >15 markets
  • Blaupunkt connected devices operate based on international home automation protocol ZigBee and can be interfaced to other ZigBee Smart Home solutions.




Maxcom SA is a hi-tech, fast-growing company engaged in manufacturing and constant advancement of telecommunication devices such as GSM mobile telephones, both hard-wired and cordless landline telephones, Personal Mobile Radios walkie talkie, and GPS satellite navigation devices.


What ranks Maxcom among leaders in Europe is excellent sales of both mobile and landline telephones, state of the art appearance, advanced features and employment of advanced technologies.


What confirms the prime quality of Maxcom products is a high number of models which have been selling to telecommunication service providers, to chain stores in Europe and to retail stores, as well as to distributors and dealers in many countries all over the world.





myPhone is part of publicly traded TelForceOne Group. Currently on sale in 17 countries across Europe. Turnover in excess of £100 million.

Range consists of Smart Phones, Feature Phones and Rugged Phone under Hammer Brand.

myPhone is an experienced team, whose members are passionate about electronic products and gadgets. myPhone follows the latest developments in the industry and keeps up-to-date with latest trends, so as to be able to present their users with affordable, state-of-the-art devices.

Above all, myPhone values the quality and functionality of their products. Therefore, myPhone devices are made of good-quality materials, and their release is preceded by long periods of testing.

myPhone works with the largest companies in the field of design of utility models, as well as companies that monitor the quality and functionality of products. myPhone products have all the necessary certificates verified by independent bodies – TUV and DECRA.


Our Experts developed brands such as:


servers, networks, notebooks, desktops


smartphones, tablets, DVRs, GPS, MultiBoards, smart home devices, mobile accessories


inks, toners, cartridges


LED, mobile & PC accessories, like bags & cases, power bags, keyboards, speakers, headsets, mousses


mobile & PC accessories, like speakers, cameras, GPS, headsets, smartwatches, scanners, mousepads


smartphones, tablets, networks


analog phones, speakerphones

Active Power

UPS, batteries and chargers, power strips


computer cables


covers for desktops, headphones, speakers, keyboard, mouse, casing for external drives, MP3 players 

Click on the logos below to see examples of the work we have carried out:













Sales promotions

Sales promotions



Our Partners

Media Expert
RD Electronics
Media Markt
Mobil Pohotovost
Andrea Shop
TOPO Centras



44 Broadway, 
England, E15 1XH
United Kingdom